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Gesture Sensor Emulator
Why doesn't your TV or stereo let you control it this easily, with no remote?
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This is an online demo of the Gesture Sensor from Useful Sensors. Everything is being run locally on the page, with no cloud APIs involved, preserving your privacy, just like our sensors keep all of their image processing local and protected. The actual product is a small, low-cost, and private-by-design hardware module that can add a hand gesture interface to any consumer electronics product.
What is this page doing?
The actual gesture sensor is a small piece of hardware that includes a camera and a processor, and communicates with the rest of the product through an I2C interface. We wanted to be able to show what the device can do, even if you aren't able to try one out in person, so we ported the same code and models that we run on the board to a web-friendly format called WASM. This means you can get a good idea of the user experience we offer just by visiting this page. There are some differences of course; we're using your webcam as an image source instead of the module's camera, and the frame rate won't be the same as on the actual device, but we hope it's close enough to help you understand the possibilities.
How can I learn more about the sensor?
We're still working on the hardware and models, so we don't have all the details finalized, but you can take a look at our Person Sensor to understand the kinds of modules we build. The Gesture Sensor will be a similar, and is designed to easily integrate into almost any product during manufacturing. Please get in touch for more information on the specifications and roadmap.